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Sussex County carolers and other groups donated thousands of food items for local families in need this week.


Turn the Towns Teal Campaign

The Town of Georgetown hopes to promote cancer awareness again this week.

Georgetown is participating in the “Turn the Towns Teal” campaign for a fifth straight year.

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Delaware State Police will be hosting “Year in Review” meetings over the next two weeks.

Delaware Public Media

Sussex County carolers and other groups donated thousands of food items for the community this week.

Delaware Public Media

President Trump recently announced his administration is taking a proactive approach to targeting – and deporting – illegal immigrants living in the United States.

And while a federal program allows for the Dept. of Homeland Security to train local and state law enforcement officers to work as de facto federal immigration officers, no officers locally in Delaware say they’re participating.

Caroling on the Circle collects 14,000 canned goods

Dec 6, 2016
Sussex County Facebook page


People at Georgetown’s Caroling on the Circle event Monday night were carrying more than a tune. They were also carrying armfuls of canned goods for the less fortunate.

As lawmakers wrap up their work for the year, we delve into what’s been done – and what hasn’t - in the General Assembly this year with our political analysts Tom Kovach and Darryl Scott.

In this month’s History Matters, we also bring you the second part of our look at the Nanticoke Tribe in Delaware --- its efforts to maintain its identity and the discrimination it’s faced

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On the heels of the mass shooting that killed nine people at a historic black church in South Carolina, a Sussex County town is taking its own steps to heal.


They're working to preserve the Richard Allen School in Georgetown. It served as a center of African-American community for nearly a century, but it hasn't been a functioning school in several years.

Now, locals are hoping to see it reopen in a new form. They celebrated a milestone recently, as an official state historic marker was unveiled outside the building.

Sussex County is about to get a boost in internet connectivity.

Over the next 6 months, a new high speed fiber optic ring will be built underneath Georgetown, increasing connection speeds 100 times. Four county facilities, including government offices and the airport, will benefit immediately from improved connection.

The fiber optic ring will be a considerable improvement on the single line feed that now feeds Sussex County facilities. The two-way system can redirect the data if service is interrupted along the line.