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General Assembly 2019

An attempt by some lawmakers to give Delaware Tech bonding authority hit another roadblock this week.

Milton Pratt / Delaware Public Media

Legislation allowing Delaware Tech to finance capital projects appears to have new life.

Delaware home health care agencies are calling on state lawmakers to raise Medicaid rates to help with a nursing shortage.

Some Delaware lawmakers are pushing legislation to limit the fines and fees courts can impose on low-income defendants.

Delaware Public Media

Gov. John Carney is expected to sign legislation adding Delaware to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact after it passed the House yesterday Thursday.

Sarah Mueller / Delaware Public Media

Delaware lawmakers are offering an ambitious plan to revamp the state’s criminal justice system.

Delaware Public Media

Drug manufacturers may have to start paying a fee for opioids dispensed in Delaware.

Gun rights advocates oppose legislation revising the law on storage requirements for firearms.

A proposal to award Delaware’s electoral votes to the national popular vote winner is proving controversial.

Sarah Mueller

Youth activists are backing legislation raising the age to buy tobacco products in Delaware from 18 years old to age 21.