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Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

A blue school bus emblazoned with a smiling carrot and carton of milk will be driving around Brandywine School District this summer.

It’s the district’s newest solution to feeding kids when school’s out—a school bus retrofitted as a food truck.


Megan Pauly / Delaware Public Media

A quarter of the U.S. population is either starving or malnourished – including many Delawareans.

Courtesy Roger Horowitz

Delawarean and food historian Roger Horowitz knows a thing or two about food - including kosher foods.

Bart Everson - Flickr: Extreme Gingerbread

The upcoming holidays are a time to enjoy delicious food and cooking, but a University of Delaware dietician recommends you watch what you eat and how much of it.

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From the northern Delaware border to the southern beaches, the First State is increasingly steeped in businesses boasting craft beers. Numerous breweries, brewpubs and alehouses are scheduled to open this year, while more brands continue to pop up at local liquor stores and in mainstream restaurants.

Some might wonder if the small state is now too saturated in the craft beer craze.

Eli Chen/Delaware Public Media

The Nature Conservancy presented the TEDx Wilmington talks at Winterthur Museum for its 25th anniversary last Friday.

One of the three speakers providing their perspective on conservation was Jim Borel, vice president of DuPont, who spoke about global food security.

Donut Dog comes to Frawley Stadium

Mar 11, 2015
Blue Rocks/Krispy Kreme

Fans of Wilmington’s minor league baseball team the Blue Rocks will now have a new dining option when they go to games: the donut dog.

"Donuts, hot dogs at a ballpark, combine the two, see how it tasted. I’ve not tried it, but everyone else said it was very good, and it kind of just got rolling from there," said Matt Janus, Wilmington Blue Rocks play-by play announcer and team spokesman.