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Department of Safety and Homeland Security

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State lawmakers questioned the Departments of Correction and Homeland Security about their respective budget asks Wednesday.

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A recent FBI memo reportedly warns there are plans by far-right extremists to march on state capitals in all 50 states this weekend. 

State of Delaware

Delaware State Police has its first female superintendent. 

Lt. Col. Melissa Zebley takes over command of the department following Col. Nathaniel McQueen, Jr.’s retirement.  

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

State health officials have announced two more Delawareans have tested negative for the deadly novel coronavirus disease .

The head of Delaware’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security is leaving.

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The Memorial Day holiday weekend holiday is here, and Delaware’s Office of Highway Safety (DOHS) and local law enforcement are partnering to enforce the Click It or Ticket and Move Over laws.

Delaware’s Director of Homeland Security Sec. Robert Coupe said mismanagement, short-staffing and lack of oversight led to DNA samples sitting undiscovered for years in the state forensic lab.

An internal probe is underway into why some DNA samples at the state forensic lab were not uploaded into a federal database and why that revelation wasn't made public.