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Gov. Carney’s 2020 budget proposal is finding initial support from some GOP lawmakers.

Carney’s commitment to budget smoothing is among the things drawing praise from Republicans.

The Delaware Democratic Party has filed a complaint alleging two Republican officeholders of violating campaign finance laws.

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Longtime Democrat Bernard Pepukayi has stepped up to be the Republican candidate for Delaware attorney general.

Delaware Department of Elections

Primary voters have until 11:59 p.m. Saturday  to get registered for next month’s Sept. 6th elections. Trends show more residents registering as Democrats over the past three years.

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Delaware’s Republican Party will see an overhaul of its executive team come April – including its chairman, Charlie Copeland.

State elections officials say there’s no evidence of campaign finance fraud or collusion on the Democrats’ side with just over a week left to go before a special election.

Sportsmen bills take top billing in GOP message

Jan 15, 2017

Delaware’s Republican lawmakers are promoting a package of upcoming outdoor recreation bills as the newest session of the General Assembly gets underway.

GOP re-elects leadership across the board

Nov 16, 2016

Familiar faces will fill Republican leadership posts in the General Assembly come January.

Delaware GOP hopeful for political future

Nov 9, 2016
James Dawson/Delaware Public Media

Bolstered by an upset of one of Delaware’s most senior and high-powered lawmakers, Republicans have now set their sights on ushering in a new generation of politicians.

Delaware Public Media

Delaware’s Republican party is calling on the state’s next governor to make education reform a priority.