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Delaware forest service

Delaware Forest Service

Arbor Day 2019 is fast approaching, and with it the Delaware Forest Service’s annual Arbor Day Poster Contest.


Courtesy of Delaware Department of Agriculture

A destructive insect from Asia that attacks and kills Ash trees is showing up in more places around Delaware.


Delaware Forest Service

The 8th Annual Delaware Arborist and Tree Care Seminar is next week at the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Harrington.

Delaware Forest Service

The Delaware Forest Service is, for first time, issuing turkey hunting permits through a seperate lottery.


Delaware Forest Service

A historic picnic pavilion at Redden State Forest is once again open to the public.


Delaware Forest Service

A wildfire crew from Delaware is spending the next two weeks in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain region to help battle one of a handful of blazes there.



Courtesy of Delaware Forest Service

The Delaware Forest Service is giving out thousands of dollars in grant funding to help volunteer fire companies fight wildfires.

Delaware Department of Agriculture

Delaware’s 2018 Tree Farmer of the Year has been named.

The honor goes to Doug Simpson of Bridgeville for his longtime dedication to forest conservation and landowner education.

Delaware Forest Service

Trees are Terrific...and Perfect for Pollinators. That’s the theme for this year’s statewide K thru 5 Arbor Day Poster Contest.


Delaware Forest Service

Delawareans can sign up for an “Urban and Community Forestry Grant Workshop,” planned for next month at the Department of Agriculture in Dover.