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Danny Short

Democratic state lawmakers are trying to revamp the First State’s voting system.

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Political parties in the Delaware House and Senate chose new leadership Wednesday, one day after the midterm election.

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A battle over a hike to the state’s minimum wage kept lawmakers in Dover overnight, dragging final day of  the legislative session well into July 1.

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Republicans are demanding Democrats weaken the state’s prevailing wage laws before they consider any new tax hikes as they work toward closing a projected $382 million budget gap.

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State lawmakers are trying to knock out about a quarter of Delaware’s projected $395 million budget shortfall in one move.


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Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle seem ready to give Gov. Carney a chance following his first address to the General Assembly.

Lawmakers to vote on own raises under new bill

Jan 23, 2017
Delaware Public Media

State lawmakers are set to reject their own raises, as well as those of other top officials before the end of the month. Now, there’s a new bill to reshape where these proposed raises originate.


Private businesses could have a big hand in shaping Delaware’s economic development strategy in the near future.

Lawmakers expected to reject proposed raises

Jan 11, 2017
Delaware Public Media

The General Assembly offered a resounding “no” to a proposal to raise their pay and the salaries of fellow high-ranking government officials.

Budget woes hover over new General Assembly

Jan 10, 2017
Delaware Public Media

State lawmakers returned to Dover for the beginning of a new General Assembly amid a cloud of uncertainty and a new incoming administration.