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coastal resiliency

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A new study from the Nature Conservancy identifies several areas in Delaware where wildlife and habitat may be able to find refuge from rising seas.




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A year ago, the state awarded the Town of Slaughter Beach $75,000 for coastal resiliency projects, and the town is just about ready to put that money to use.



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Climate change and coastal storms could put Delaware’s beach tourism industry in jeopardy and a new report from Delaware Sea Grant looks at ways to address that.



DNREC has awarded the town of Slaughter Beach $75,000 for coastal resiliency projects.

Like other Delaware Bayshore communities, Slaughter Beach residents are highly vulnerable to coastal storms and flooding.

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The Northeastern U.S. is no stranger to coastal storms. Especially in recent winters, it's hard to go a couple of weeks without hearing that folks should steer clear of yet another Nor'easter. When storms like these happen and especially in succession, that’s questions start to arise about what might be driving these weather patterns and if it’s going to get worse.