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Climate Change

The multi-agency federal climate report released on Black Friday outlines impacts of climate change nationwide.


The report included details on what the northeast region, and Delaware in particular, may experience.

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources is looking for a nearly 4 percent bump to its budget next year.

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Delaware researchers are getting more federal funding to develop recommendations to address the state’s climate challenges.

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Wilmington City Council authorized the issuance of bonds Thursday to finance the South Wilmington Wetlands Park and sewer separation project.

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State officials, environmentalists and many residents worry repealing a federal plan that aims to reduce pollution from power plants could have drastic health and environmental consequences for the First State.

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Sen. Tom Carper (D-Delaware) has slammed the decision by the Trump administration to repeal the Clean Power Plan.

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Delaware and eight other states in the Northeast have agreed to take a bigger bite out of their greenhouse gas emissions.

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

President Donald Trump's administration is collecting public comments about possible offshore oil and gas drilling around the U-S.

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A Delaware-sized iceberg has broken loose from Antarctica.


The iceberg that broke off the Larsen C ice shelf is one of the largest pieces on record to break away from Antarctica. It’s now floating in the water. 


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A University of Delaware researcher is working with the Department of Energy to better understand chemical reactions between liquids and solids. 


The research could help efforts to capture carbon dioxide underground before it reaches the atmosphere and contributes to climate change.