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Climate Change

Sea levels are rising in the Delaware Bay faster than in other places. Experts are sounding the alarm about the threat to historic resources. 

The City of Dover plans to buy power from a pair of solar projects expected to be the biggest in the state to date.

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Delaware is one step closer to finishing a plan to guide the low-lying state through the impacts of climate change. Officials are almost finished gathering public input. 

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

State environmental officials took their developing plan to deal with climate change back to the public Thursday, seeking input on minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

New Castle County residents debated the best way to deal with climate change last week.

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The State of Delaware is suing thirty fossil fuels companies and a trade association over the effects of climate change. 

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

A smaller pool of candidates is vying for Mayor of Wilmington in 2020. 

But Delaware Public Media’s Sophia Schmidt reports the race is no less contentious.

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

A new outlook from federal oceanographic scientists reaffirms projections that coastal towns in Delaware will see more sunny-day flooding in the future.

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

State environmental regulators sought input from the public this week as they craft a plan to mitigate and respond to climate change.

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Gov. John Carney delivered his State of the State address and unveiled his budget plan for Fiscal Year 2021in January, rolling out his priorities for the coming year in a variety of areas.

Gov. Carney recently visited the Delaware Public Media studios to talk a bit more in-depth about some of those priorities and other issues.  And we bring you more of that conversation this week - hitting topics ranging from clean water and guns to the budget and the death penalty.

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Delaware is revisiting what it needs to do to combat climate change. 

DNREC holds public meetings in Georgetown, Wilmington and Dover next week to discuss what it wants to do and get feedback as it develops a climate action plan.  But already some are saying not the state is not on the right track.

Contributor Jon Hurdle takes a closer look at where the First State is headed on developing its climate policy.


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A member of Delaware’s Congressional delegation is pushing for greater action on climate change from the federal government. 


The recently approved Wilmington 2028 Comprehensive Plan combines 13 current neighborhood and city-wide plans into a single document, with new goals for Delaware’s most populous city.



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Sen. Chris Coons is forming a group in the Senate to work on climate change legislation.

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

University of Delaware students, activists and elected officials gathered at UD’s Newark campus Friday to demand action on climate change. 


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The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee recently unveiled the America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act.

Sen. Tom Carper is the top Democrat on that committee and co-authored the bill, if passed would green light spending $287 billion over five years on efforts to maintain and repair the nation’s roads and bridges – and more.

Earlier this week, Sen. Carper toured the state highlighting what the bill could mean for the First State. specifically infrastructure vulnerable to climate change and sea level rise. And he also stopped The Green to discuss the bill and some other topics.

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State and local officials are rejecting a new report that says coastal states including Delaware need to spend billions of dollars on thousands of miles of sea walls to defend themselves against projected sea-level rise by 2040.

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Coastal communities struggling to manage sea-level rise and increased flooding along with surging development are getting support from a network of state agencies, nonprofits and academic experts dedicated to building resiliency.

The multi-agency federal climate report released on Black Friday outlines impacts of climate change nationwide.


The report included details on what the northeast region, and Delaware in particular, may experience.

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources is looking for a nearly 4 percent bump to its budget next year.


Delaware researchers are getting more federal funding to develop recommendations to address the state’s climate challenges.

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

Wilmington City Council authorized the issuance of bonds Thursday to finance the South Wilmington Wetlands Park and sewer separation project.

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State officials, environmentalists and many residents worry repealing a federal plan that aims to reduce pollution from power plants could have drastic health and environmental consequences for the First State.

Sen. Carper blasts repeal of Clean Power Plan

Oct 10, 2017
Delaware Public Media

Sen. Tom Carper (D-Delaware) has slammed the decision by the Trump administration to repeal the Clean Power Plan.

Delaware Public Media

Delaware and eight other states in the Northeast have agreed to take a bigger bite out of their greenhouse gas emissions.

Gov. Carney says Delaware opposed to offshore drilling

Aug 22, 2017
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

President Donald Trump's administration is collecting public comments about possible offshore oil and gas drilling around the U-S.

Delaware Public Media

A Delaware-sized iceberg has broken loose from Antarctica.


The iceberg that broke off the Larsen C ice shelf is one of the largest pieces on record to break away from Antarctica. It’s now floating in the water. 


Courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory

A University of Delaware researcher is working with the Department of Energy to better understand chemical reactions between liquids and solids. 


The research could help efforts to capture carbon dioxide underground before it reaches the atmosphere and contributes to climate change.



Gov. John Carney said he’s “deeply disappointed” by President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord.


via Facebook Live.

President Trump’s announcement Thursday that he will pull the United States from the Paris Climate Accord is generating mixed reaction in Delaware.




Trump said the U.S. will negotiate re-entering the accord or “an entirely new transaction,” calling the Paris Accord unfair to the U.S.