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A Delaware surgeon is taking a lead role in an effort to increase access to bariatric surgery for children with severe obesity. 

American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) says about 4.5 million children and adolescents across the country are considered severely obese. And the group’s new policy statement recommends those children be referred to weight management centers for bariatric surgery using one of several different procedures that reduce the size of the stomach.

First State begins looking at sugary drink tax

Jul 19, 2019
Delaware Public Media

The State of Delaware is considering whether levying a soda tax is a good idea.

Delaware Public Media

Kids in Delaware could soon get fewer sugary drinks when eating out.

New data puts Delaware’s childhood obesity rate in the upper third on a nationwide ranking.

16.7% of young people ages 10 to 17 in Delaware are obese. That gives the First State the 16th highest childhood obesity rate among all states, according to data from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released this week.