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The state gets $50 million to put toward efforts to deal with contamination by a group of toxic legacy chemicals. It’s not determined yet how the money will be spent. 

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The state has secured $50 million to handle PFAS contamination in Delaware under a settlement with companies associated with production of the toxic chemicals.

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

The University of Delaware STAR campus is filling out. 

The chemical company Chemours showed off its recently opened research and development center at the STAR Campus in Newark Monday.

Five Blades residents have filed what they hope will become a class action lawsuit on behalf of over 1,300 residents against several companies they blame for contamination of the town’s drinking water with toxic chemicals.


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The state of New Jersey is suing several companies, including two from Delaware, for manufacturing and selling toxic firefighting foam products for decades— despite being aware of their dangers.

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Chemours is being fined $13 million by the state of North Carolina.

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A former Chemours employee pled guilty late last week to stealing trade secrets from the company and attempting to sell them to Chinese investors.

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Chemours broke ground on its new state of the art science innovation center at University of Delaware’s STAR Campus.

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Wilmington-based chemical company Chemours is facing a citation and possible fine from North Carolina’s Department of Environmental Quality for failing to report a chemical spill in an Eastern river.

Chemours sees strong second quarter

Aug 3, 2017
Delaware Public Media

Delaware-based chemical giant Chemours posted strong numbers in the second quarter of 2017. 

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Chemours posted strong numbers in the first quarter of 2017.


Net sales are up 11 percent for the Wilmington-based chemical company, at $1.4 billion.

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Chemours ends its fiscal year with $7 million in profit after paying out a costly settlement to thousands of people claiming the DuPont spinoff is responsible for their cancer diagnoses.

DuPont, Chemours settle PFOA cases for $670 million

Feb 13, 2017
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DuPont and its spinoff, Chemours, will pay $670.7 million to settle the roughly 3,500 lawsuits alleging the dumping of chemicals caused cancer in nearby communities.

Buccini/Pollin buys historic Hotel du Pont

Jan 31, 2017
Delaware Public Media

DuPont announced Tuesday it’s has agreed to sell the historic Hotel du Pont in downtown Wilmington to the Buccini/Pollin Group.


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Chemours will stay in its current downtown Wilmington home.

Wilmington-based chemical company says it’s agreed to sell the historic DuPont Building that serves as its headquarters to the Buccini/Pollin Group.   Chemours will lease space back as a long-term tenant and Buccini/Pollin will redevelop the building.

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Earlier this year, Chemours decided to keep its headquarters in Delaware with the help of an nearly $8 million incentive package from the state.  And its latest earning report last month topped analyst expectations, leading some to suggest the company has turned the corner in its efforts to stand on its own after spinning off from DuPont.   We go one on one with Chemours CEO Mark Vergnano about the company’s health and future in the First State.

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The Diamond State Port Corporation is purchasing the Chemours Edge Moor site for $10 million.

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Chemours enjoyed its best quarter since spinning off from DuPont a little over a year ago.

The Wilmington-based chemical company announced a $204 million profit in its third quarter earnings report released Monday.

Chemours President and CEO Mark Vergnano credits the strong report to continued demand for its Opteon refrigeration line and cost-cutting efforts.

The company’s plan to reduce costs has trimmed expenses by more than $100 million - and about $60 million of those overall savings were realized in the third quarter.

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Chemours’ bottom line took a hit in its second quarter earnings report released Tuesday.

The Wilmington-based chemical company posted a net profit loss of $18 million for the quarter.

Chemours headquarters to stay in First State

Aug 2, 2016
Delaware Public Media

The Chemours Company has decided to remain in Wilmington, keeping more than 1,000 jobs from leaving the state.

Chemours had considered relocating its headquarters to either New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but announced Tuesday that it will stay in the First State.

DuPont was dealt another blow in an Ohio courtroom Wednesday after a jury found the company liable for a man’s testicular cancer.

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State taxpayers may shell out $7.9 million to help keep 900 Chemours jobs in Delaware.


The Associated Press reports those full-time jobs would only be guaranteed through 2020.


That money, approved by the Council on Development Finance Monday, will also go towards potentially headquartering the performance chemical company in the state.


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Three Delaware companies downsizing or shutting down operations have significantly impacted the Brandywine School District’s budget this year - adding to the urgency of passing its second tax referendum try later this month.

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There was good news for DuPont spinoff Chemours in its first quarter earnings report released Tuesday.

The Wilmington-based chemical company posted a net first quarter profit of $51 million dollars.

Chemours raises Ti-Pure prices again

Apr 13, 2016
Delaware Public Media

Chemours is hiking prices for its signature titanium dioxide product.

Used to make the ultra-white interior in refrigerators and other consumer goods, Ti-Pure's prices will go up by $150 per metric ton starting May 1. The company had already increased the price of Ti-Pure by the same amount in January.

Losses mount for Chemours in 4th quarter

Feb 24, 2016
Delaware Public Media

The DuPont spinoff Chemours continues to lose money, as its fourth quarter earnings report revealed Tuesday.


The chemical company’s fourth quarter net loss was reported at $86 billion, or 48 cents per share -- after $88 million in restructuring costs. The full-year 2015 net loss was $90 billion, or 50 cents per share.

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For more than two centuries, the DuPont chemical corporation has been an anchor of Delaware's economy. It's supported tens of thousands of jobs, plus cultural, philanthropic and medical mainstays.


But right now, it's also mired in a controversy just a few hours west of Wilmington: the years-long legal battle over use of a toxic chemical called PFOA in non-stick products like Teflon.

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A federal judge has set up a battery of class-action trials against DuPont, scheduling 40 a year starting in 2017.

It's part of a court fight over a chemical called PFOA or C8, which 3,500 plaintiffs in the Ohio River Valley say gave them diseases like cancer.

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Chemours is cutting 400 employees from its workforce.


The Wilmington-based company says about 50 of those layoffs will be in Delaware.