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Arts Playlist: ‘In Shadows’ Embrace’ at the Brandywine Museum of Art

Philadelphia-based artist and teacher Peter Paone's new exhibit “In Shadows’ Embrace” is on display at the Brandywine Museum of Art.
Kyle McKinnon
Delaware Public Media
Philadelphia-based artist and teacher Peter Paone's new exhibit “In Shadows’ Embrace” is on display at the Brandywine Museum of Art.

A Philadelphia-based artist and teacher of more than seven decades has a new exhibition at the Brandywine Museum of Art.

Peter Paone’s “In Shadows’ Embrace” showcases a selection of 22 prints he recently gifted to the Brandywine, drawing on themes of faith and isolation.

In this edition of Arts Playlist, Delaware Public Media’s Karl Lengel is joined by Paone and former Brandywine associate curator Audrey Lewis to learn more about the exhibit and Paone’s work.

Artist Peter Paone and Brandywine curator Audrey Lewis preview 'In Shadows’ Embrace' with DPM's Karl Lengel

Acclaimed Philadelphia artist and teacher Peter Paone exhibits prints at the Brandywine Museum of Art.

Two years ago, Paone gifted a selection of prints to the Brandywine. Known largely as a painter today, Paone won a Guggenheim Fellowship in the 1960s for his prints, and considers printmaking critical to his artistic development.

The exhibition, entitled "In Shadows’ Embrace," focuses on his early printmaking career. Paone says he started using print because it was readily available in the 1960s. He switched to painting when technology drastically changed the printmaking process.

“A lot of it had to do with the new technology of what was a print and what defined it," Paone said. "Digital prints came in and the handcrafted print; people just weren’t teaching it anymore.”

This exhibition features a selection of 22 prints, most influenced by the German Expressionist movement of the early 20th century.

Paone says his interest in printmaking also developed as he was drawn to artists who explored the human figure.

“Käthe Kollwitz, Goya and Klinger, a number of etchers, were the people I went to, but I gravitated to the people, I didn’t search them out," Paone said. "I just gravitated to the people who were dealing with the human figure.”

"In Shadows’ Embrace" runs through October 13th at the Brandywine Museum of Art.

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