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The Green – March 29, 2024

The Green airs live at 3pm and 7pm on Friday and at 2pm on Sunday.
Delaware Public Media
The Green airs live at 3pm and 7pm on Friday and at 2pm on Sunday.

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What’s next for education funding reform in Delaware

In December, an independent assessment of Delaware’s public education funding system was released recommending substantial changes.

The American Institutes for Research study suggests what Delaware spends on education is not enough based on the student outcomes it produces. It recommends the state significantly increase spending while distributing more resources according to student needs and implementing a weighted student funding formula.

Lawmakers received a briefing on the report earlier this month and it appears there’s no rush to implement the recommendations offered.

This week, contributor Larry Nagengast examines state lawmakers' reaction to the report and the path forward.

Contributor Larry Nagengast examines education funding reform in Delaware

Examining native bee population concerns in Delaware and how to help them thrive

A swarm of environmental threats are driving down bee populations worldwide. In response, honeybees and their keepers in North America became the face of “Save the Bees.”

But apiarists in Delaware are sounding the alarm on the ongoing threat to native bee populations.

Delaware Public Media’s Rachel Sawicki explores the buzz about bees this week with First State experts and advocates, and what Delawareans can do to help certain bee species take flight.

Delaware Public Media’s Rachel Sawicki reports on native bee concerns in the First State

Arts Playlist: ‘Horses & Other Creatures’ with Delaware native Rebecca Raubacher

First State native Rebecca Raubacher fell in love with horses when she was a young girl after her older sister took her to a farm and put her on a pony. When Raubacher got home, she asked for a pencil and paper so she could draw the animals she’d just seen.

That love of art and horses is now on display in Raubacher’s latest exhibit ‘Rebecca Raubacher: Horses & Other Creatures’ at the Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover.

In this edition of Arts Playlist, Delaware Public Media’s Karl Lengel is joined by Raubacher to discuss her work.

Delaware artist Rebecca Raubacher discusses her work and new exhibit with Delaware Public Media's Karl Lengel

History Matters: ‘Lost Delaware’ and uncovering the First State’s forgotten history

Famed astronomer Carl Sagan once said 'You have to know the past to understand the present,’ but what if some of that past is lost to the passage of time?

In their new book "Lost Delaware," former First State journalists Rachel Kipp and Dan Shortridge shine a light on dozens of long-forgotten pieces of Delaware history relegated to memories and lore until now.

In this edition of History Matters, Delaware Public Media’s Kyle McKinnon sits down with Kipp and Shortridge to talk about "Lost Delaware” and the parts of First State history that may not be getting their due.

Delaware Public Media’s Kyle McKinnon talks with Rachel Kipp and Dan Shortridge about their new book 'Lost Delaware'

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