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The value and prevalence of AM radio as automakers remove it from new cars

An RCA Victor AM-FM Tube Radio.
Wikimedia Commons
Delaware Public Media
An RCA Victor AM-FM Tube Radio.

AM radio once dominated the airwaves.

That is, before it was overtaken by FM radio, and even more so in recent years by Sirius XM and streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

But as various automakers began announcing plans this year to remove AM radios from new vehicles, it raised concerns about how it’ll affect those who still use and rely on its signal.

This week, Delaware Public Media’s Kyle McKinnon talks with Noah Arceneaux – radio historian and professor of the media studies program at San Diego State University – about the history of AM radio, its prevalence, and its value in today’s world.

SDSU professor and radio historian Noah Arceneaux discusses the value of AM radio with Delaware Public Media’s Kyle McKinnon

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