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Enlighten Me: More campus stories from UD student journalists

Delaware Public Media

Enlighten Me heads to the University of Delaware this week to highlight work from student journalists.

We feature three pieces produced by UD Communications students for a class taught by Nancy Karibjanian, long-time First State journalist, Director of UD’s Center for Political Communication, and one of founders of Delaware Public Media.

Enlighten Me highlights three stories from Univ. of Delaware student journalists

We start with Anthony Lindis, a sophomore Business Analytics major with a Journalism minor.  He reports that while students attending UD likely feel familiar with the City of Newark – they may be missing parts of it that lie outside the campus limits.

UD sophomore Anthony Lindis examines how UD students could be missing out on interesting parts of Newark outside campus limits

Next, we hear from junior Laura Dailey , a junior Meteorology major with with a Journalism minor. She looks at what we can expect weather-wise from the remainder of the winter and how the definition of a typical winter seems to be changing over the last couple of decades.

UD junior Laura Dailey reports on the current winter outlook and the ever-changing definition of a normal winter

And we close with junior Communications major Connor Kagel, who tells us students and professors at the University of Delaware are taking a closer look at the eating habits of their peers and making connections to more widespread issues about food and weight.

UD junior Connor Kagel looks at work by UD students and professors to examine issues about food and weight

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