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The Green - December 9, 2022

Delaware Public Media

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EPA pushes for more water quality control in the Delaware River 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency took a surprising step last week – stepping in to handle one way fish are protected in a portion of the Delaware River.

The EPA’s move is a response to complaints from environmental groups that the Delaware River Basin Commission, which includes Delaware, is not handling dissolved oxygen requirements in accordance with the federal Clean Water Act, thus harming fish in a 38-mile stretch of the Delaware River between Wilmington and Palmyra, New Jersey.

Contributor Jon Hurdle breaks down what’s happening with the EPA’s move and the implications this week.

Contributor Jon Hurdle breaks down the EPA’s decision to help protect fish in a portion of the Delaware River

Where does Great Oaks Charter School go from here?

A decision on the fate of a Wilmington charter school under ‘formal review’ by Delaware’s Department of Education comes later this month.

In its eighth year, Great Oaks Charter School’s enrollment is falling short of its authorized minimum number of students as it phases out its middle school program and becomes a high school only.

Contributor Larry Nagengast examines what to expect as the state wraps up its review of Great Oaks.

Contributor Larry Nagengast reports on what to expect from the state's review of Great Oaks Charter School

Arts Playlist: Biggs Museum of American Art expanding with help from the community 

The Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover is expanding and they’re doing it with help from you.

The museum is reaching out to the community for help in reimagining its new space so that it better serves patrons' needs. The Biggs is collecting information in three ways – an online survey, focus groups, and community listening sessions.

For this week’s Arts Playlist, our Kyle McKinnon spent some time with Biggs Director Michael Dudich to talk about the museum’s expansion and what it hopes to learn from the community.

Delaware Public Media's Kyle McKinnon talks with the Biggs Museum of American Art's Director Michael Dudich about the museum’s expansion

Enlighten Me: New study says employee activism is on the rise

Over the past few years, there’s been a spike in what some call “employee activism.”

We saw some of it when employees pressured their various companies to take a stand on social justice and racial inequity. Or when employees picketed employers who weren’t requiring vaccinations for COVID – and vice-versa.

Now, according to a recent study, more than 80 percent of employers expect a rise in activism among their employees by 2024.

In this week’s Enlighten Me, our Rachel Sawicki speaks with Kyle Emich, associate professor of management at the University of Delaware, about the study and how employers are responding to increased activism among their employees.

Delaware Public Media's Rachel Sawicki speaks with University of Delaware professor Kyle Emich about how employers are responding to increased activism among their employees

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