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Enlighten Me: “United We Are Dreaming” documentary premieres at DSU

The poster for the “United We Are Dreaming” documentary
Sharon Baker
The poster for the “United We Are Dreaming” documentary

Delaware State University is set to premiere the documentary “United We Are Dreaming” next week, which centers around the challenges so-called ‘Dreamers’ face in the U.S.

The term ‘Dreamer’ comes from the Dream Act – bipartisan legislation introduced in 2001 that, if passed, would provide a permanent pathway to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants – or ‘Dreamers.’

Delaware Public Media’s Joe Irizarry caught up with the documentary’s filmmaker Sharon Baker this week to learn more about “United We Are Dreaming” and what audiences can expect.

Delaware Public Media’s Joe Irizarry discusses what patrons can expect from the “United We Are Dreaming” documentary with filmmaker Sharon Baker

A new documentary about the challenges of Dreamers in this country premieres this week.

“United We Are Dreaming” will premiere on Wednesday night at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center on Delaware State University’s campus.

The documentary looks at the circumstances of five Dreamers – all adults now 22 to 40 years of age – who were brought to the country as small children by undocumented parents.

These Dreamers have grown up here, attended schools, colleges, joined the military, and have worked in the United States.

The documentary’s filmmaker Sharon Baker explains why she chose to cover this topic.

"We were already interested in this group of young immigrants predominantly from Central America and Mexico, and then I developed a very close friendship with one of the Dreamers,” said Baker. “And I became interested in her story and thought you know as Delaware goes so goes the nation in terms of trends."

Two of the film’s featured Dreamers attended DSU and have graduated.

Baker says she wants viewers to see themselves and their families in these Dreamers when viewing the documentary.

"They want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They're hardworking, they have goals, they have ups and downs, but they believe in the fundamental underlying values of this democracy," said Baker.

Baker adds the Dreamers want to contribute to this country, be good citizens, and build lives for themselves.

Wednesday’s premiere at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center is free and open to the public, there will be two other public screenings November 29 at Delaware Tech’s Georgetown Campus and November 30 at Penn Cinema on the Riverfront in Wilmington.

"United We Are Dreaming" is available to stream:

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