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Arts Playlist: New “Love Stories” exhibit at Historic Odessa features romantic portraits of couples

HOF Brittany Lauren Exhibit.jpg
Brittany Lauren
A photo on display at the Historic Odessa Foundation's new “Love Stories: Photos by Brittany Lauren" exhibit

A new exhibit is on display at the Historic Odessa Foundation called “Love Stories: Photos by Brittany Lauren,” featuring 22 groupings of intimate portraits of couples.

The exhibit is available to the public in the Historic Odessa Visitor’s Center Gallery until Sunday, October 30th.

Delaware Public Media’s Kelli Steele spoke with Milford-based photographer Brittany Lauren to find out more about the exhibit and what inspired the photographs.

Delaware Public Media’s Kelli Steele talks with photographer Brittany Lauren about her new exhibit at the Historic Odessa Foundation

The Historic Odessa Foundation’s latest exhibition is “Love Stories:  Photos by Brittany Lauren.”

It features 22 groupings of portraits of couples in love from the Milford-based photographer, who explains why photography means so much to her.

“Because I think it’s so incredible that you can capture a moment in time and I know it sounds cliche, but it really is something so powerful and so special," Lauren said. "I love looking back at pictures and looking through pictures. And you can really just be transported to that moment and how you felt.”

Lauren hopes everyone who visits feels the same love and romance that she felt when she was taking the pictures, “I want people to smile when they walk through the Gallery. And I want them to see each individual love story for how special and unique it is.”

Lauren says this is the first-ever exhibition of her work in print rather than in digital form.

Most couples in the exhibition are from Delaware, including a couple from Australia who came back to have their engagement photographs taken here.

“Love Stories” is on display in the Historic Odessa Visitor’s Center Gallery until Sunday, October 30, 2022.

You can get more information about the exhibit here and more information about Brittany Lauren here.

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