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Enlighten Me: Student Journalists at Mount Pleasant High School

Tom Byrne
Delaware Public Medcia

From time to time, we like to highlight work from student journalists at both the high school and college level.

Delaware Public Media partners with McKean and Mount Pleasant High Schools in the Red Clay and Brandywine school districts, as well as Polytech High School in Kent County to expose students to radio journalism.

And in this week’s Enlighten Me, we bring you recent stories from students in the radio career pathway at Mount Pleasant High.

The Green offers a sampling of work from student journalists at Mount Pleasant High School

Some examined how the ongoing pandemic continues to affect schools.

At the beginning of the school year, the Brandywine School District sent out emails notifying parents when someone in their child’s school tested positive for the virus - sometimes multiple emails in one week. Since then, Tyson Kennard tells us changes were made to streamline the process

Mount Pleasant High School student Tyson Kennard reports on evolving COVID case notifications in schools

We’re now entering the third year of the pandemic. And while classes have reconvened in person after several months of virtual learning, there are still challenges as Mark Bourgeois reports.

Mount Pleasant High School student Mark Bourgeois reports on teaching during the pandemic

Other students looked to the broader community in their reporting. Brendan Smith noticed that businesses and community organizations were increasingly acknowledging and embracing diversity. He reports on how the approach is affecting their work.

Mount Pleasant High School student Brendan Smith reports businesses approach to diversity

Students were also encouraged to examine issues that have a statewide impact. Chris Wahl turned to the state legislature, examining a consumer protection bill some lawmakers hope to revive as they prepare to meet again in Dover.

Mount Pleasant High School student Chris Wahl examines a "right to repair" bill in Delaware

Finally, fashion has been a way for teenagers to express themselves, but in school, there are boundaries. Kevin Young takes a look at school dress codes and why some say they’re not fair - and maybe even discriminatory.

Mount Pleasant High School student Kevin Young reports on school dress codes

A reminder that stories like these are part of Delaware Public Media’s collaboration with the Brandywine School District at Mount Pleasant High School, and its radio station WMPH, as well as the Red Clay School District at McKean High School, and its radio station WMHS.

Our Youth Media producer Rebecca Baer oversees this collaboration and worked on pieces like these with teacher Paul Wishengrad who runs the Career Pathway at Mount Pleasant.

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