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The Green - December 3, 2021

Delaware Public Media

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The Green - December 3, 2021

Development of former Brandywine Country Club faces roadblocks

A plan to develop the former Brandywine Country Club in Brandywine Hundred faces some roadblocks to approval.

The biggest appears to be motor vehicle access to the proposed apartment and single-family housing project.

Contributor Larry Nagengast initially reported on this plan earlier this fall and this week updates where it stands.

Delaware Public Media's Tom Byrne and contributor Larry Nagengast discuss the status of plans to redevelop the former Brandywine Country Club.

A bigger home for the Nanticoke on ancestral land in Sussex County

This fall, the nonprofit Conservation Fund donated a parcel of land near Millsboro to the Nanticoke tribe – a historic move that gives the tribe ownership of an ancestral parcel that was privately owned for generations.

Contributor Jon Hurdle explains how this came about – and what the tribe’s plans are for the land.

Delaware Public Media's Tom Byrne and contributor Jon Hurdle discuss ancestral lands donated to the Nanticoke tribe.

Taking steps to battle a children’s mental health crisis

Children’s hospitals and pediatricians have declared a national state of emergency when it comes to children’s mental health.

Emergency room visits for mental health emergencies increased 24 percent nationally for kids ages 5-11 and 31 percent for teens, according to the CDC.

Delaware Public Media’s Rebecca Baer recently spoke with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Delaware chapter president Dr. Kirk Reichard about this crisis and what can be done to address it.

Delaware Public Media's Rebecca Baer interviews Dr. Kirk Reichard, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Delaware chapter.

Enlighten Me: The John Dickinson Writings Project

Two weeks ago, we visited the John Dickinson Plantation near Dover to tell you about an African burial ground found there and how it fits into the legacy of this Founding Father.

But it’s not the only ongoing effort to better understand Dickinson and paint a more complete picture of his life.

The John Dickinson Writings Project launched in 2010, seeking to pull together the writings and correspondence of the “Penman of the Revolution.” It published its first two volumes in 2020 and 2021 - and is now working on volume three.

In this week’s Enlighten Me, we sit down with the project’s director Jane Calvert to talk aboutthe challenges of this work – and what can be learned from it.

Delaware Public Media's Tom Byrne interviews The John Dickinson Writings Project's director Jane Calvert.

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