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City of Wilmington says water is safe to drink despite taste and odor concerns

Delaware Public Media

The City of Wilmington says despite the potential earthy taste and odor recently, the city’s drinking water is safe for consumption and everyday use.

The city’s water division attributes the odor to recent weather conditions providing a prime environment for algae growth, and although treatment processes remove the algae, aesthetic issues can remain.

City officials say they are taking additional steps to address the aesthetic issues, noting a recent engineering analysis recommended adding an enhanced capability to address taste and odor problems.

Wilmington Water says the current issues will likely remain at some level until weather conditions improve and the ability for algae growth is reduced.

The city says the simplest way to reduce the taste and odor in drinking water is to pour the water into a pitcher and refrigerate it overnight.

Before residing in Dover, Delaware, Sarah Petrowich moved around the country with her family, spending eight years in Fairbanks, Alaska, 10 years in Carbondale, Illinois and four years in Indianapolis, Indiana. She graduated from the University of Missouri in 2023 with a dual degree in Journalism and Political Science.