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Fuel spill at Millsboro power plant kills 90 birds

Courtesy of NRG

Around 90 Canada geese are dead in Millsboro as a result of last week’s oil spill at the NRG power plant there. 

NRG estimates at least 30,000 gallons of diesel fuel spilled from an above ground storage tank. 

State environmental regulators said last week that they’d found no evidence of any impact to waterways or public lands. A spokesperson for NRG said the same Thursday. 

But about 130 geese were impacted by the spill — and around 90 died.  

Tri-State Bird Rescue and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control helped respond to the spill. 

The power plant had a much larger spill in 2000 under previous owners. It resulted in over $1.2 million in cleanup costs. 

DNREC says once clean-up is complete it will determine if any fines or corrective actions are needed to prevent a similar event in the future.

NRG announced this summer it planned to close the coal-fired plant next June, in response to low energy prices. But concerns over reliability have thrown that timeline into question.

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