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Delmarva Power giving away free trees ahead of Arbor Day

Delaware Public Media

Delmarva Power is giving away free trees ahead of Arbor Day later this month.


Arbor Day is Friday, April 30, 2021 and for a 10th straight year Delmarva Power is giving away free trees to help save energy.

“Each year Delmarva Power has participated with the Arbor Day Foundation in giving away nearly 1,000 trees to each of our residential customers," said Amber Burruezo, a spokeswoman for Delmarva Power. "And this is kind of our earth-friendly initiative during the month of April to be able to help reduce our customers’ energy use, as well as save them money on their energy bills by placing these trees in a strategic location at their home.” 

Burruezo says customers can choose from Bald Cypress, River Birch, Red Maple and White Oak trees.

Trees can be reserved at the Arbor Day Foundation’s website. It’s one free tree per household on a first-come, first-served basis.

The one-gallon tree should arrive at homes by mail by the end of May.


Burruezo adds that properly planted trees can provide shade that reduces energy use throughout the summer months.

And before planting your tree, Burruezo suggestscustomers call 811 to find out the approximate location of underground utility equipment.