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Gov. Carney signs new Renewable Portfolio Standards bill


Gov. Carney signed legislation updating Delaware’s Renewable Portfolio Standards Wednesday.

It requires the one utility regulated under the program to provide 40 percent renewable energy by 2035. 

“This bill will set the standard for the state of Delaware in the energy sector to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, thereby addressing our responsibility to address Global Warming," said Carney at the bill signing.

The new standards won’t take effect until 2026 after the current renewable energy standards of 25 percent ends, and it increases the required minimum percentage of electrical energy sales to Delaware.

The bill’s sponsor State Sen. Stephanie Hansen (D-Middletown) stressed it would actually decrease costs for the average person to under $5 from $8 by 2035.

Carney made passing this legislation a priority in his State of the State last month.

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