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New group seeks to help make First State a science and tech hub

Delaware Public Media

Leadership in Delaware’s science and technology sector are starting a statewide advisory group to make economic advances in that field.

The Science and Tech Advisory group is under the Delaware Prosperity Partnership and includes 25 representatives from the First State’s top tech companies, higher education institutions and the public sector.

The CEO of the data analytics company CompassRed, Patrick Callahan, chairs the group.

“There’s so much here to actually prime the pump that’s already been done in the past to help build out that science and tech community," sadi Callahan." We just needed a coordinated effort to do that and so that’s what the intent of this is for.”     

Callahan is also co-founder of the Delaware Data Innovation Lab and a Delaware Prosperity Partnership Board member. He says the goal is to enhance Delaware’s reputation as a science and tech hub.


“We want to recruit other companies to the area. We want to build out, count, the number of startups that spring through this. We want to bring in funding from D.C.," said Callahan.      

Callahan cites Delaware’s location in the northeast corridor, its history with DuPont, its low cost of living and upcoming presence in the White House as advantages as his group looks to expand the state’s science and tech industries.

The idea to form this advisory group stems from a 2019 Prosperity Partnership innovation market assessment. 

40% of Delaware’s business expansion and recruitment projects are in the science and technology sector, according to the partnership.


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