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DNREC extends EV Rebate program into next year

Delaware Public Media

DNREC is extending the state’s electric vehicle rebate for another six months.

The rebate program is now in its 5th year, having provided over 5,000 rebates to Delaware's Electric Vehicle owners.

The rebates encourage consumers to buy electric vehicles and heavily subsidizes the cost of charging stations for property owners. Applicants can get a rebate of up to $2,500 on top of the federal rebates available for vehicles.

Breanne Preisen coordinates the rebate program for DNREC. She says the extension is in response to what's happening on the EV market.

“2021 and 2022 are good years, highlight years that manufacturers are gonna start releasing vehicles ... The late orders that are coming in, we give those people an opportunity to be able to claim their rebate for the vehicles that they ordered in 2020,” said Preisen.

The state also paid out fewer rebates this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Preisen says there’s enough money in the fund to keep the rebate program around for at least another six months before needing more state funding.

After the next six months, Preisen says her team will reassess the program. She says the focus is shifting towards the adoption of heavy duty electric vehicles, as those produce more greenhouse gases than a regular car.

“We hope in the near future that we will have it better," said Preisen. "We currently have a medium and heavy duty rebate program but we would like to have a better one that supports further GHG, or greenhouse gas emission reduction with the electric trucks that would be great to see those.”

She says every year, electric cars get cheaper, and their range improves farther. So having this rebate program may encourage people to try an electric car.

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