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Beebe Healthcare reports uptick in bike accidents

Doctors in Beebe Healthcare’s Emergency Department are reporting more bike accidents than usual for this time of year.

Beebe emergency physicians have treated 11 patients with significant traumatic injuries resulting from bike accidents since May 1. In the same time window last year, they treated only 4.

Beebe’s Trauma Director Dr. Ramakrishna Tatineni says it’s difficult to speculate why this summer is starting out with more bike accidents than normal. He encourages riders to wear reflective clothing and a helmet.

“You can see a simple fall from a bicycle and hitting the road; you can have people with head bleeds which can be dangerous if they’re on blood thinners. So, by all means, that’s the simplest thing that can make a difference,” said Tatineni.

Delaware’s Office of Highway Safety is reporting one bicycle crash fatality so far this year, there were two statewide last year.

Delaware’s Department of Transportation urges riders to use hand signals, turn left properly and always ride in the same direction as traffic.

Tatineni reminds drivers to yield to cyclists.

“Some of the cars don’t understand the rights of the bicyclists when they share the road, especially when they make turns,” he said. “People in the bicycle lanes have the right of way.  So the cars have to yield. If there’s a bicyclist coming, they have to stop and let the bicyclist pass before they make a turn.”

The Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit is offering to outfit bikes with the proper lighting at no charge to riders while supplies last.