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State seeks to help expand, upgrade services at private addiciton treatment centers

Delaware Public Media

Delaware’s Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health is looking to help upgrade some local, privately owned addiction treatment centers as part of the planned statewide system of care.

State officials want these facilities to qualify as providing level four treatment under National Association of Recovery standards. This would mean medically managed intensive inpatient care for people with substance abuse disorder.

The Limen House in Wilmington is a sober living home, or level three facility. Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Director Elizabeth Romero says Limen House is among those currently in negotiations.

“A lot of their homes are pretty close to the level up,” said Romero. “So it's really about creating that full continuum. What are the different models? What are their capacity? Where do they think they best fit? We’re working very closely with them to meet them where they are in their process.”

Executive Director Michael Duffy adds the state does not want to remove any of the Limen House level three sober living beds as it adds level four clinical services.

“It’s not likely that they just transition our level three program to a four program then they’re losing those level three beds,” said Duffy. “So I believe that any extension of services would most likely mean more beds, another facility.”

DSAMH officials say they are seeking to add multiple level four facilities to the state in addition to stabilization centers for overdose patients.

The state is also writing up contracts to begin its START program. This will add peer mentors and medication-assisted treatment to all emergency rooms across Delaware.

Anyone seeking treatment for substance abuse disorder can visit

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