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Less toxins released into environment, according to DNREC report


A recently released report shows how far Delaware industrial and manufacturing facilities have come in reducing the amount of toxic chemicals they emit into the environment.

According to the report from DNREC's Emergency Prevention and Response Section, 3.4 million pounds of toxic chemicals were reportedly released onto land, and into the air and water in 2016. That’s 27 percent less than 2015.

In a statement, DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin said the new data shows a nearly 15-year trend in decreasing toxic releases.

“Today’s [Toxics Release Inventory] reporting is attributable to enhanced technology, industry best practices, regulatory requirements and the public's expectations for a cleaner environment – expectations which DNREC works every day to meet for protecting public health and preventing environmental risks,” Garvin said. “However, we must stay vigilant to ensure these trends continue to decrease.”

State and national standards allow industry to release certain amounts of pollutants into the air and water and on the ground.

The full report is available here.