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Snowfall ends, but cold continues across state

Delaware Public Media

Snow totals ranged from 2 to 11 inches across Delaware, but even though the snow has stopped falling, below-freezing temperatures and negative wind chills still persist.


Delaware's Office of the State Climatologist says wind chill could reach -5 to -10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next few days.


"Right now we’ve had what’s called a trough in the eastern part of the United States," State Climatologist Dan Leathers said. "That has brought the cold air down from Northern Canada and that’s why it’s been so cold."

The state is in the middle of a 12-day cold front with below-freezing temperatures, and will break out of it early next week when temperatures reach the low 40s.

As of about 9 p.m. Thursday, Stockley in Sussex County received 11.4 inches of snow, the biggest amount of snowfall across the state. Hockessin in New Castle County remained calm in comparison — receiving 1.7 inches of snow.

Leathers said it's difficult to determine if those snowfall totals are the worst the state will see this winter.


"It depends on the year," he said. "Last year, we got the majority of our snow in March. We never saw a snowstorm like this last year."

Leathers said the storm is moving rapidly across the East Coast. It was off the Delaware coast by about 150 miles this morning. By the evening, the storm intensified and moved up to the Gulf of Maine.

By Friday morning, it will move up over the Maritime provinces of Canada, he said. Delaware will still be affected, he said, with a little bit of blowing snow expected across the state.

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