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'Phil' the harbor seal making progress in recovery

Courtesy of National Aquarium
'Phil' the seal in recovery.

‘Phil’ the harbor seal is continuing his recovery at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, aquarium staff says.





Phil is showing some “neurological irregularities,” according to aquarium staff. He’s still healing from an eye injury, but they say his condition is improving.


Staff says Phil has also been eating better since he was brought to the aquarium mid-April. He is eating more than 10 lbs of herring a day and has gained 22 lbs so far. He now weighs almost 150 lbs.


Phil was rescued after he got stuck in mud near Killens Pond. He had been enjoying his time in that area all winter after swimming more than 10 miles from the Delaware Bay.


The National Aquarium has not determined if Phil is ready to be released just yet.


When they feel he’s ready, they’ll apply for his release with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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