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Dept. of Ag warns to be on the lookout for invasive pests

David Cappaert, Michigan State University,
Emerald Ash Borer

Delaware’s Department of Agriculture is asking you to be on the lookout for signs of invasive pests.


To do this, you should learn about different trees around your home and watch for signs of infestation, according to Stephen Hauss, the cooperative pest survey coordinator for Delaware.


"Be on the lookout when you’re walking down the street walking your dog or camping. Be observant and take action,” he said. 


Hauss said a clear sign of infestation is a tree dying in mid summer, when it should be thriving.


The emerald ash borer, red imported fire ant and the Asian longhorn beetle would all love to come make a home in our trees. 


The ash borer has already been found in Delaware and surrounding states.


Hauss said you should also be careful not to spread insects by moving firewood between states and counties. 


You should contact the Ag Department if you see signs of invasive pests. 


Learn more about invasive pests and their impact on trees HERE


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