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Delaware shares resources during Smoke Out

Courtesy Tomasz Sienicki via Wikimedia Commons

The American Cancer Society wants people to start quitting tobacco Thursday as part of its Great American Smoke Out.

In Delaware, the Division of Public Health has some resources to help people kick the habit.

The Delaware Quitline aims to help people stop smoking or chewing, no matter how many times they’ve tried to quit.

DPH Program Manager Lisa Moore also said vaping and e-cigarettes contain nicotine and could be harmful like traditional tobacco.

"Part of the problem is they come in different flavors and they’re not regulated by the FDA yet. So we’re not exactly sure what’s in all of them," Moore said. 

Delaware Quitline resources are available online or over the phone. According to the U.S. Department of Health 85-90% percent of lung cancer is caused by tobacco.