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DNREC files another petition to mitigate upwind state air pollution

Wikimedia Commons
Homer City Power Plant

State officials are again seeking federal assistance to reduce air pollution in Delaware.

Delaware's Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has filed another petition with the EPA, requiring an upwind state to address a specific air polluter. This time, they’re asking them to find that the Homer City Generating Station in Pennsylvania is violating the federal Clean Air Act.

DNREC filed two similar petitions last summer. One was against the Brunner Island Power Plant in York County. Another opposed the Harrison Power Station in West Virginia.

These petitions note that over 94 percent of the ozone levels in Delaware are generated through air pollutants from upwind states seeping into the First State. DNREC believes the pollution does not derive from Delaware itself.

DNREC says it has worked with power producers and manufacturers to reduce emissions within the state.

The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to investigate DNREC’s petition within 60 days after filing.

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