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Mental health advocates call for end to stigmatizing Halloween costumes, attractions

Courtesy Public Domain Pictures

Mental health advocates are calling for trick-or-treaters – and Halloween attraction owners – to be more sensitive to mental health issues.


They’re calling for Walmart to stop selling an item part of its Halloween costume line – a Razor Blade Suicide Scar wound.


“It’s just so incredibly appalling,” said Josh Thomas, Executive Director of the Delaware chapter of the National Alliance.


He says these costumes only add to the stigma often associated with mental illnesses, making them seem much scarier than they actually are.


And it’s not only costumes he says that add to the stigma, but also attractions advertising asylums as part of their Halloween spook fest.


At least one site in Delaware – Screams at the Beach – advertises an asylum attraction on their website they call Pandemonium.


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