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Audit finds big energy savings possible for 15 Delaware schools

Delaware Public Media


15 Delaware schools are losing more than $340,000 in potential energy savings, according to a new sustainable energy audit.

Many of the findings include energy-wasting practices that are cheap to fix, according to Tony DiPrima, executive director of the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility, which funds the audit.

Key examples are leaving computers on at night or running ventilation fans when schools are empty.

“All you have to do is either go in there and adjust the thermostat or have an education program for teachers to make sure all the equipment is off at the end of the day. So often times there isn’t a big investment. It’s just creating better behavior within the schools,” DiPrima said. 

Costlier changes include replacing fluorescent lighting with LED bulbs. That would cost nearly $200,000 to implement in the 14 schools recommended and take nearly seven years to recoup the costs. But each schools would save about $2,000 a year after that.    

Besides saving money, the audit estimates the 15 schools could reduce their combined carbon footprint by 17 million pounds-per-year.

The 15 participating schools are part of Delaware’s Pathways to Green Schools Program. The audit is a regular component of the program.    

You can find a list of participating schools HERE.

Mt. Pleasant Elementary School

Mt. Pleasant High School

Brandywine High School

Seaford Elementary School

Delmar Elementary School

St. Andrews School

Sanord K-12 Prep School

West Park Elementary School

Kirk Middle School

Albert Einstein Academy

Forwood Elementary School

ASPIRA Academy

Wilmington Montessori School

Talley Middle School

St. Michael's School 

You can sign your school up for the Pathways to Green Schools Program HERE

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