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2 new cases of Zika confirmed in Delaware

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Delaware Division of Public Health has announced two new cases of the Zika virus, bringing the total number of cases in the state to seven.   

Two New Castle Men tested positive for Zika after being bit by mosquitoes while traveling abroad.  

The state’s other five cases of Zika were also the result of mosquito bites while traveling abroad.

State officials say 120 people in Delaware have been tested -or are currently being tested- for Zika. There have been 95 negative results and seven positive results. Two pregnant women have indeterminate results, meaning it’s not possible to determine if they have the virus or not.    

None of the Delaware residents with Zika are considered infectious, even if a mosquito bites them and then bites someone else. The virus leaves the blood after about a week and all current Delaware cases are at least two weeks old.

There have been no confirmed cases of transmission by a mosquito bite anywhere in the continental U.S.

The Zika virus is non life-threatening and causes a mild illness but it has been linked to birth defects when contracted by a pregnant woman.  


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