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Department of Justice funding more opioid overdose kits


Delaware’s Department of Justice announced Thursday that it’s providing funds to state law enforcement agencies to purchase approximately 450 naloxone kits.

Administration of naloxone can save the lives of people who have overdosed on heroin or other opioids.  

The state has increased the availability of the drug for law enforcement and emergency medical providers over the past two years, but cost of the drug has been prohibitive.

The Department of Justice is allocating approximately $50,000 for the purchase of the kits. The money comes from the state’s Special Law Enforcement Assistance Fund, which is funded by money obtained through criminal forfeiture actions.

Drug overdose deaths in Delaware have jumped by more than 60 percent from 2006 to 2012, according to data from Delaware Health Statistics Center.

Overdoses from prescription painkillers, heroin and other drugs led to 171 deaths in 2013, which is the latest state data available.  

The Department of Public Health will purchase and distribute the kits over the next two to three months.


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