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State officials offer little additional info on Delaware's Zika virus case



The Delaware Division of Public Health offered more information Wednesday on the state’s first Zika virus case - but not much.

The CDC confirmed the case Tuesday in an adult woman who is not pregnant.

“This is not unexpected, given the number of cases nationally and internationally, I want to emphasize that there is no threat of location infection from this case," said DPH director Karyl Rattay.

The woman had traveled to one of the countries where the Zika virus was widespread - that includes Central and South America and the Caribbean. Several cases have been confirmed in the U.S.

DPH confirmed the woman had symptoms of the Zika virus, which typically include fever, rash and red eyes. The virus has a possible link to birth defects in infants whose mothers were infected.

The virus is contracted through mosquito bites and sexual contact, though scientists are still determining other means of transmission. The mosquito species that Zika is strongly associated with is rarely found in Delaware.   



“I would not consider this individual a victim. She had mild symptoms,which rapidly resolved, like is the case for most individuals who had the Zika virus," said Rattay. 

The Division of Public Health declined to provide details about when and where the woman traveled, and would not disclose how many test results officials are waiting on. However, Rattay added they expect there will be more positive cases in the near future.


DPH is also emphasizing that the best way for people to protect themselves from the Zika virus or any mosquito-borne illness is to prevent mosquito bites during travel abroad and during Delaware’s mosquito season. 

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