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Open enrollment for 2016 Obamacare health insurance set to begin

The next open enrollment period for federal health insurance in Delaware starts Sunday.


The state Department of Health and Social Services says there are many people eligible for health care in Delaware who haven't yet enrolled -- particularly those aged 18 to 35 and Latinos.

"We have learned that people think it's not affordable, and so people are unaware of the financial assistance they can get in purchasing health insurance if they meet that financial criteria,"  said Secretary Rita Landgraf

Langraf notes around 80 percent of people in Delaware who enrolled in 2015 meet the criteria to receive federal tax credits to lower their monthly premiums.  The average monthly credit was $260.

The enrollment period runs through January. People must enroll by December 15th to be covered starting at the beginning of the new year.

State data shows the most unenrolled people who are eligible for federal health care are in south and west Wilmington, New Castle, Smyrna, Dover, Georgetown and Seaford.


The tax fine for being uninsured in 2016 is rising to $695 per adult or 2.5 percent of household income -which ever is greater.  It was  $325 per adult or 2 percent of household income in 2015.

And Landgraf adds that people who already have a plan should shop around as they re-enroll. In the last open enrollment period, Delawareans saved an average of $6 per month apiece after tax credits, or nearly $68,000 altogether, by switching plans to get the same coverage.


So shopping is critical, whether you're a new enrollee or whether you are a re-enrollee," said Landgraf.



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