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Enlighten Me: Preparing for a new prep sports season

Bayhealth Medical Group

With the calendar now reading August – back to school is back on the minds of kids and parents.  But even before classes start up again, practices for scholastic sports will begin up and down the state. 

The first day fall sports teams are allowed to take the field for preseason preps is this Saturday. And as student-athletes get ready to return work, Bayhealth Medical orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Lewullis says they should understand they shouldn’t go full tilt right away

You can’t just go right back in and go 100 percent, full force right away. You have to work yourself up gradually up to your in season conditioning," said Dr. Lewullis.  "One of the things we talk about the ten percent rule where you increase your goals tem percent per week until you work yourself up to your in season level."

Dr. Lewullis adds student-athletes should pay special attention to stretching both before and after practice and staying hydrated.

He also reminds those just joining teams – especially younger players – be aware they have athletic trainers that can help them with any issues that arise.

Tom Byrne has been a fixture covering news in Delaware for nearly three decades.