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Near-record rainfall is good for farmers upstate

Delaware Public Media


Northern Delaware experienced a near-record level of rainfall for the month of June.

According to the National Weather Service, Wilmington had 12.52 inches of rainfall last month. This is the second highest rainfall count on record for the month of June. The highest was in 2013 was 13.66 inches. On the other hand, Georgetown received 4.83 inches last month.

State Department of Agriculture Secretary Ed Kee says while there are more farmers downstate, the rain been good for farms upstate.

“I have never seen such good looking corn in my 40 year career. It was rough up there in Northern New Castle but not terrible for crops in the main agricultural part of the county," said Kee.

Kee added that rainfall in the last three years have provided adequate moisture for Delaware farmers. However, he says that too much rain can damage crops, especially vegetables. Since vegetables are quick growing crops, too much moisture can saturate soils and slow down their growth. Excessive rain can also lead to spreading of fungus disease.

The heavy rain in June isn’t an indication that farmers are having a wet season. Kee says there's still plenty of time for the weather to change, as dry conditions can develop later in the summer.

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