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Delaware Public Media Political Reporters cover the state's General Assembly each and every day lawmakers are in session.  You can hear in-depth reports on what's happening at Legislative Hall during both Morning Edition and All Things Considered. 

A bill creating an opioid impact fee on drug manufacturers cleared its final legislative hurdle Thursday.

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Legalizing recreational marijuana is back before members of the Delaware House.

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A bill released from a state Senate committee Wednesday would make underage drinking a civil offense.

Katie Peikes / Delaware Public Media

A bill expanding access to dental services for low-income adults on Medicaid sailed through a Senate committee Wednesday.

Senate President Pro Tem David McBride (D-Hawk's Nest) is defending himself against critics claiming he reneged on a promise to allow a floor vote on all gun control bills.

Tom Byrne / Delaware Public Media

Legislation is being introduced to enshrine parental rights in Delaware’s Constitution.

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Lawmakers are considering legislation to give school boards more autonomy to raise tax rates after another series of failed referendums statewide. Gov. John Carney is weighing in on legislation that would allow school districts to increase taxes for operating expenses without a referendum.

The First State could soon allow mobile home owners to pool their money to hire legal representation.

Legislation creating a legal fund for those residents cleared the State Senate Thursday.

Sarah Mueller

Delawareans weighed in on controversial gun control measures during a Senate committee Wednesday.

Sarah Mueller

An amendment to legislation banning assault style weapons could affect its prospects of passing this session.