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History Matters digs into Delaware's past each month to explore connections between key people, places, and events in history and present-day news.  It's produced in collaboration with the Delaware Historical Society with help from partners at the Delaware Public Archives, Hagley Museum and the Lewes Historical Society

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Lewes Historical Society

It was the precursor to the U.S. Coast Guard and its tender boats grace the museums of the Lewes Historical Society (LHS) close to the Canal. Lewes was not only a shipbuilding capital but home to the rescue service that saved many an ailing seaman. 

Myna German

Little did we know that one fish – not even edible fed generations of Lewes Delaware seamen and their families.

Delaware Historical Society


Lewes is a city with a rich history for many reasons: it was founded in June of 1631 the first city in the First State, a key port for ships making their way to Philadelphia and even home to what historians claim is the home of the first shipyard owned by free African Americans.

Delaware Historical Society

The Delaware Historical Society recently offered community members an insider look at board games from their collection, and even gave them a chance to play some games.

Delaware Historical Society

Our two part History Matters on the history of the fight for women’s rights in the First State concludes this week with a conversation with leading women’s rights historian Anne Boylan, author of “The Origins of Women’s Activism,” about the role of Delaware women in the women’s suffrage movement.

Delaware Public Media’s Megan Pauly interviewed her in historic Warner Hall on the UD campus. The hall is named after Emalea Pusey Warner, who was part of the original Women’s College and is still used as an all-female student dormitory today.

History Matters: The Hall of Fame of Delaware Women

Apr 29, 2016
Megan Pauly / Delaware Public Media

The Hall of Fame of Delaware Women was established in 1981 by the Delaware Commission for Women with the purpose of recognize the lasting contributions and achievements of Delaware women in a variety of fields.

via Fort Miles Historical Association

In this month’s History Matters – produced in collaboration with the Delaware Historical Society – we check in on work being done at Cape Henlopen State Park to turn Fort Miles into a museum telling its unique World War II era story.

Fort Miles was a key part of the country’s coastal defense of the Delaware River during the Second World War, but by the late 50’s its usefulness had passed and in 1964 - 543 acres of the base were given to the State of Delaware, becoming part of Cape Henlopen State Park. In April 2005, Fort Miles was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

In recent years, the Fort Miles Historical Association has worked to create a museum on the site, including procuring a 16 inch gun that was on the USS Missouri the day the Japanese surrendered to end World War II in 1945.  Saturday, a groundbreaking was held for the artillery park that will display that gun and others.   

Earlier this week, we caught up with Fort Miles Historical Association president Gary Wray for an update on their efforts.

In this month’s History Matters, produced in collaboration with the Delaware Historical Society, we learn more about another Historical Society whose materials are housed at the Delaware Historical Society in Wilmington.

The Jewish Historical Society of Delaware was founded in 1974 with the goal of acquiring, preserving, and publishing material pertaining to the history of Jewish settlement and Jewish life in Delaware.

The Jewish Historical Society’s  president, Dan Kristol, and its archivist Gail Pietrzyk join us on this month’s History Matters to discuss the organization's mission and work.

History Matters: Voices of the Elders

Dec 18, 2015

This month’s History Matters - produced in collaboration with the Delaware Historical Society - examines a series of short documentaries about prominent African Americans called Voices of the Elders presented by the Historical Society’s Center for African American Heritage.

History Matters: Brewing beer in Delaware

Oct 30, 2015
Karl Malgiero/Delaware Public Media

We explore the roots of Delaware's vibrant brewing culture in this month’s edition of History Matters, produced in conjunction with the Delaware Historical Society.