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Over the past seven years, the University of Delaware’s Horn Program in Entrepreneurship has seen good early results in its effort to serve as a springboard for promising start-up ventures.

Contributor Larry Nagengast recently spent some looking at the program, how it works and where it’s heading.

Larry Nagengast / Delaware Public Media

“It’s so cool,” Dan Freeman says. “For three days, Newark becomes the epicenter for global youth entrepreneurship.”

Freeman was talking about the Diamond Challenge Summit, held each April at the University of Delaware, where Freeman is director of the Horn Program in Entrepreneurship, the event’s sponsor.

Just do a Google search for “high school entrepreneurship competitions” and you’ll see for yourself: the Diamond Challenge will turn up at or near the top of just about any listing.

Beau Biden Foundation

Pope Francis recently issued a new rule obligating all Catholic priests and nuns to report incidents of sex abuse - and any attempts to cover it up - to church authorities.

The Beau Biden Foundation, which works locally to help prevent child abuse, is reacting to the Pope’s move with skepticism.

Corey Marshall-Steele (Submitted Photo)

The Delaware Public Archives and the Delaware State Fair are teaming up to celebrate the fair’s 100th anniversary this year.

In this week’s Enlighten Me – we return to WMPH and Mount Pleasant High School in the Brandywine School District – one of the two schools we’ve partnered with on our to our Generation Voice Youth Media project

This year, students at Mount Pleasant swept the “Radio Prepared Report” category of the Delaware Press Association’s 2019 High School Communications contest, taking first through honorable mention.

First place went to junior Shawn Coulter, whose piece teen JUUling in hisgh schools also took 2nd place in the National Federation of Press Women national High School contest.  We aired Shawn piece previously on The Green – but figured awarding winning work on an issue like this deserves another listen. 

Listen to this edition of The Green or individual segments below:

Delaware Public Media

The popularity of electric vehicles has increased in recent years – with sales in the U.S. trending upward since 2015.  But EV sales still only made up a little over 2 percent of the U.S  in 2018.

One reason some may still remain uneasy about going electric is “range anxiety” – the ability to find a charging station when you need one.

Contributor Jon Hurdle looks at how the First State is faring when it comes to combating “range anxiety."

Larry Nagengast / Delaware Public Media

An ambitious plan to reimagine a century old community on Wilmington’s West Side is making strides.

Work on the neighborhood known as The Flats started in 2015 and is expected to be completed in six phases that stretch over 10-15 years.

Right now, it’s about a third of the way complete and this week contributor Larry Nagengast takes a look what’s been done so far, what’s still to come and how it’s unique approach is faring.

Red Clay Consolidated School District

The state Department of Education is taking a look at equity in and among First State schools.

Officials recently held their first equity summit and are developing a statewide equity plan in an effort to offer all students equal access to the people, resources and opportunities needed for a quality education— from school to school and within school buildings.

Delaware Public Media’s Sophia Schmidt recently talked with the state’s only school district-level equity officer, Tawanda Bond, about what changes she thinks are needed.