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Unemployment drops again, hasn't been lower in past 30 years

Apr 22, 2019

Delaware’s unemployment rate is down again, but experts say history indicates it may not sink any further.


The rate dropped from 3.4% to 3.3% last month with 16,100 Delawareans claiming unemployment compared with 19,000 in February.


But Department of Labor officials note the state has reached 3.3% 10 times over the past three decades and never once gone below it.


The last time unemployment was this low in Delaware was in July 2007—not long before the housing market crash—and the last time it was any lower was in 1989.


The national unemployment rate remains a bit higher than in the First State. It held at 3.8% for the month of March.


Data shows non-farm employment in Delaware to have dipped slightly last month.