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Sussex County barber hopes to open barber school in March

Dec 28, 2018

Sussex County is getting its first ever school of barbering.


Chester Hope is the owner of Pro Cutz Sports Barbershop in Lewes.

He says many people who come to his barbershop tell him there’s NOT a lot of barbershop’s in Delaware and they’d like to see more.


“So basically what I’m trying to do is create job placement for the need of barbering. Also, the barber industry has grown dramatically in the last 4 to 5 years. And a lot of barbers don’t know how to cut long hair and some don’t know how to fade real well,” Hope said.

Hope - who’s been a barber for 24 years - says his dream is to expand his current barbershop to include a school - starting in March 2019.

He points out many beauticians who have gone through a school of cosmetology don't necessarily know how to fade hair real well while barbers do not necessarily know how to cut long hair like cometologists.


Hope says he wants to re-invigorate the whole barbering scene.

“Then you also have a  lot of beauticians or stylists who went to school for cosmetology and they don’t know how to fade, but they can deal with the long hair. So what I’m hoping to do is ease that comfort of both to educate not only barbers, or stylists or cosmetologists, but educate them to work with pretty much anything that walks in your shop,” said Hope.


His school will have three programs allowing students to get their basic barber’s license, become a master barber or become a barber instructor.


Hope is trying to find students for his new school of barbering through word-of-mouth, but would eventually like to go into area high schools and technical schools and recruit students that way.


If you're interested in attending the new school of barbering email Chester Hope at or call him at (302) 313-4100.