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Sussex County approves infrastructure upgrade grant for Delmar

Aug 9, 2018

Sussex County has approved a $125,000 grant to the Town of Delmar for infrastructure upgrades.


200 corporate jobs are coming to Delaware, via the Perdue AgriBusiness headquarters relocation from Salisbury, Maryland to Delmar, Delaware

Before the move happens though, sewer and water improvements are needed on a 17-acre site along Route 13 in Delmar where the headquarters will be located.

“The Town needed some assistance in getting sewer and water infrastructure out to that site. And so they contacted the State, they contacted the County and all three of use are kind of partnering on this to get this done. The State gave them $205,000 and the County’s giving them $125,000, which is matching what Delmar’s putting in,” Michael Vincent, Sussex County Council President said.

Vincent the grant is a small price to pay to realize big economic development gains.

Perdue AgriBusiness is a subsidiary of poultry giant Perdue Farms, Inc. It focuses on commodities and logistics support throughout the agriculture industry.

Perdue AgriBusiness announced several years ago that it was searching for a new location to house it headquarters - citing increased growth as the reason for the move.

There is no word on when the site will be ready and the relocation will actually take place.