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Study gauges Cape May-Lewes Ferry's economic impact

May 31, 2021

The Delaware River and Bay Authority released a study on the economic impact of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry on the region.

The independent study found that every dollar invested in the ferry operation fuels  $20 of economic activity in the economies of Sussex County in Delaware and Cape May County in New Jersey.

The ferry’s impact on the area was studied and assessed using tax revenue, tourism expenditures, and local infrastructure support.

In addition to the study, there have been monthly passenger surveys every year since 2015 to monitor passenger trends.

The data indicates that ferry passengers spend at least $125 million annually at Delaware beaches, and $144 million annually at the South Jersey shore towns between Cape May and Atlantic City with less than 5% of all ferry passengers driving through the area without stopping.

Future areas of the study will look at additional benefits to coastal property values, the tourism value of the ferry as an attraction, and the value of reduced congestion on the roads.

The analysis of the Cape May–Lewes Ferry was conducted by Council Fire, LLC a corporation based in Annapolis, MD.