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Site of riot at Vaughn prison scheduled for demolition

Jul 16, 2018

The Delaware Department of Correction is planning to demolish the C building at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna.


The C building was the site of the inmate uprising resulting in the death of Corrections Officer Lt. Steven Floyd in February 2017.


16 inmates are facing first-degree murder charges.


DOC Commissioner Perry Phelps said in a statement, “Demolishing the building will serve as a point forward in the healing process.”


The DOC paid the Delaware office of engineering firm TetraTech to assess the cost of demolishing the 12,700 square foot building.


The state plans to start the project this fall using part of the $3.66 million allocated to make upgrades to Vaughn in the fiscal year 19 Bond bill.


An announcement on a report detailing DOC progress implementing recommendations made by the Independent Review of Vaughn prison following the deadly standoff is scheduled for Tuesday morning.